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Passion for

our land

When we were very young, our father used to take us to Alberona, a small medieval village in the Monti Dauni, our family’s region of origin, where we went to make oil. But the process for us started earlier. It began when grandfather was preparing the nets, after the women had patched them up, when everyone was getting ready…we knew that in a few days, we would taste the new oil. My brother Giulio and I observed with the amazement typical of children each phase of olive processing: from the harvest, to the milling, to the extraction. For us each phase was a journey into the secrets of the fruits of our Apulian land.
We have grown and with us the interests and the desire to learn more has grown as well. We have studied and acquired the skills, experience and professionalism to produce this gold of Puglia. And since 1999 our passion has taken shape in a project: the Santa Lucia oil mill. Over 20 years it has changed, renewing itself and becoming the current Fratelli D’Achino agricultural cooperative.


Today we are dedicated to the production, processing and transformation of olives, which become our precious oil, produced in our modern oil mill, respecting the natural cycles of the earth. Fully aware that man’s action can only compromise what nature creates, we pay meticulous attention to every stage of production: harvesting, storage and processing take place in a very short time to obtain an absolutely unique and quality EVO oil. Our new olive groves allow us to look to the future with confidence and face a constantly growing and expanding reality.

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